01 November 2008

I Saw Petra

The biggest attraction, to me anyway, from our Jordan trip was our day spent in Petra, the second wonder of the world. Seriously, how could a trip get better than this itinerary:

-Wake up (too early) and walk five minutes to Petra.
-Walk through incredible canyons and rock formations until you get to the Treasury (think Indiana Jones here guys).
-Wander through 2.5 miles of amazing caves and colors.
-Ride a donkey up 900 steps to the Monastery.
-Eat great pita and falafel for lunch.
-Wander back through incredible tombs and caves and stop at the Cathedral.
-Buy jewelery for about $2 each on the way out.
-Take pictures by the "Indiana Jones Gift Shop."
-Eat $1 ice cream that would definitely not be $1 in the United States.

Each of the experiences listed could have a post of its own, but I think the best way to tell you about Petra is to show you.

This is the sign at the entrance of the siq ("siq" means a narrow gorge or shaft). You walk down the siq for a while and then all of the sudden...Holy cow, there's the Treasury. And me, just so you know I was actually there. I took about 70 pictures in Petra, not enough room for all 70, but here are a few really cool ones to give you a little idea of what it was like. The Bedouins in this area of Jordan lived in the caves of Petra up until 1985.


Matthew C. said...

Is it just me, or is the Treasury totally in one of the Indiana Jones?

Megz said...

You rode a donkey up 900 steps?! Sweet! And is that my shirt? :)

kathyg said...

I love it! Allie - what a great adventure - I wish I could take Grandpa on that one!!!